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An Edinburgh Tutor improves confidence and builds grade performance.

At Edinburgh Tutors, we specialise in helping primary and secondary students to reach their academic potential. Through one-to-one tuition in the child's home, our tailored approach boosts students' confidence, increases understanding and aims to prepare students fully for exams.

  • Reason 1

    Edinburgh Tutors hire only academically exceptional tutors. As your searches may have revealed, there are plenty of teachers between jobs and plenty of ‘agencies’ who simply register tutors. Picking the best tutor for your child is not easy and finding out that you do not have the best can be disastrous and expensive.

  • Reason 2

    Edinburgh Tutors do not simply send a tutor. Our unique talent is picking the right tutor to get the best out of your child in order to build their confidence and improve grades. We take time to understand your needs and we actively seek your feedback and confirm that you are happy with our service while we are working with your child.

  • Reason 3

    Edinburgh Tutors give you good advice and support. Alicja McIntyre at Edinburgh Tutors has 10 years experience in picking academically exceptional and professional tutors. If they don’t meet our exacting standards, we don’t take them on.

  • Reason 4

    Edinburgh Tutors have a proven track record. We encourage  you to check our parents’ praise. All comments have been  well earned and are recent.

  • Reason 5

    This is the original and genuine Edinburgh Tutors. We are a Scottish Company.  Some of the companies you find on the internet are national agencies or franchises targeting Edinburgh as one of many cities. They do not necessarily understand the academic infrastructure, geography and of course needs of  local children as well as a local company can do.

  • Reason 6

    Edinburgh Tutors keep prices low, but our value in building your child’s confidence and improving their grades is of the very best. Evidence and or comparison with other companies.

  • Reason 7

    Edinburgh Tutors are reliable.  If it ever happens a tutor falls ill, your child’s tuition does not suffer we will find another high quality Edinburgh Tutor

  • Reason 8

    Edinburgh Tutors are ‘good people’ to deal with. Our clients agree that we are well priced, prompt, friendly and very interested in achieving results for every child.

  • Reason 9

    Edinburgh Tutors have served Edinburgh schools, parents and children for ten years

  • Reason 10

    We at Edinburgh Tutors know how you feel and what’s important  to you. Our children went to Edinburgh Schools!

My tutor was extremely helpful and understanding, and as a result I felt that I was improving with every session.

Lucy (Dalkeith)